We will provide for the competition race karting team to exchange information and make arrangement for races around the world.

We will have new USA Deaf Karting Club to establish new team. We also can accomplish a new competitive race karting will be select for the best time lapse, then we will make arrangement to attend to Germany or Ireland for race competition against European Deaf race karting vs USA Deaf race karting. It will be held in 2012. We will let you know later exact date. Anyone who drive go kart that can go average speed of 70 M.P.H. will be select by using time lapse. We will establish new sport go kart league sometimes soon. In 2014, World deaf Race Karting will be challenge each other and will be held in the United States. We will inform you for more information near future.

Steven Cavalieri, Ohio
Isaac Schaeffer, Conn.
Eric Bumbala, Conn.
David Gonzalez, Conn.
Tony Berrigan, Conn.
Kristina Trotman, Conn.
Raymond Cassano, New York
Alex Hoover, Mass.
Shawn Duffin, Penn.
Rodney Cormier, Conn.
Sophone Vongkeanay, Conn.
Christopher Traverzo, Conn.
Carlos Machado, Conn.
Scott Sellen, Conn.
Steven Heron, Conn.
Absence -
Milan Telesmanich, New York
Ken Gill, Penn.
Billy Summers, Conn.
Nick Testone, Rhode Island
Lee Alfano, Conn.

President ~Steven Heron

Vice President ~ Kristina Trotman

Secretary ~ Martha Heron (temporary). NOBODY! You want to be a secretary, please contact us.

Treasurer ~ Scott Sellen

Trustees ~ Tony Berrigan
               ~ Scott Sellen
               ~ Carlos Machado

Editor ~ Lee Alfano

Co-Captains ~ Tony Berrigan
                   ~ Eric Bumbala

Chairperson and Coach ~ Steven Heron

Join the USA Deaf Karting Club, please filled out and sign up new membership form now. Thank you for your support and continued cooperation!

If you have concerned any question or your suggestion. Please, email to usadeafkarting@yahoo.com. Thank you.